Junior Games Report: 30 October 22

Derby U16s vs Private School

Derby welcomed Dunnotar; a school from Surrey on tour to the AGP at Haslams. This was a fixture scheduled at short notice but both teams seemed eager from the get-go. Derby fielded a slightly experimental side with a number of players playing in new positions for the first time and half term having an effect.

Dunnotar showed off some fine passing skills from the 1st whistle and were eager to throw the ball around. It was certainly a departure from the usual arm wrestle we’re used to in the East Midlands!

Dunnotar went over quickly but Derby showed some good hands to strike back immediately after our 10 noted an undermanned blind side to send our winger Henry Lane over in the corner.

After that, it felt like a right game but Dunnotar were ruthless in punishing every single mistake. They picked off an interception to go under the posts and a bouncing ball to again do the same. Derby kept threatening with ball in hand and at close quarters but Dunnotar repelled us repeatedly. They then countered a high kick chase to score another length-of-the-field try, leaving us trailing 26-5 at halftime.

The Derby lads regrouped massively at halftime and were not going to let the 2nd half slip away. They certainly kept that promise as they held out Dunnotar for the next half and scored a try of their own to bring a final score of 26-10. The game was played in great spirits by 2 well matched teams. The Dunnotar coaches only told us after the game that they had a couple of Quins Academy lads pulling the strings in the backline, figures!

Henry Lane had a great game in his first start in the wingers shirt this season whilst Alex Deeks was everywhere, playing hooker in the 1st half and then trying 7 in the second due to an injury crisis. Josh Mohr had a great game in his first try at captaincy before it was curtailed by injury.

Derby’s unbeaten run comes to an end but plenty of motivation to come with Burton away this weekend!

Photos from the game

Derby U15s vs Ashbourne

A beautiful day for rugby, playing on the green stuff…lovely and soft giving the washing machine some work to do… love autumn rugby !! .it was decided to play 4 quarters to allow both teams to trial different styles of play and players.. Due to holiday, illness, injuries and last-minute cancellations, out of a squad of ~32, Derby managed 16 on the day, 1 of which was calling out for Ruuuuuuth…during warm-ups… note self, remind players not to eat honey nut loops minutes before an intense workout.

The day started off as expected, with Ashbourne playing to the limits in the rucks and breakdowns, pushing their luck from all areas of the pitch. Whilst Derby forwards didn’t get flustered with this and held their own, it was marginal errors from Derby that would decide this quarter. The first, a simple missed tackle in the backs allowing an easy run in, and the second the same.

Going into the second quarter with the forwards holding their game, Derby attempted a different style of play focusing on backs, which looked promising at times, but was hindered by late or missed passing opportunities at the crucial moment. Through the first 2 quarters, Ashbourne’s penalty count was in double figures, Derby were unable to capitalise likely due to uncertainty of decision in the moment it seemed and when Derby did occasionally manage a break, good defence from Ashbourne.

The last 2 quarters saw Derby wanting some points on the board, while Ashbourne tried some other player positions. This change of pace and enthusiasm from Derby brought a couple of Derbys way but too little too late.

A good team effort from the lads again, trying out many new players in different positions, special mention to both Evan and Jimmy who played 10, Bobby who played 15 for the first time. Jack Taylor was captain for the day. Lovely seeing both Ashbourne and Derby lads around the tables in the clubhouse afterwards in their shirts and ties discussing the day. We always enjoy fixtures with Ashbourne, great coaching team and players. Looking forward to the away fixture!!
Final score 12 – 37

Derby U14s Trained

Derby U13s vs Notts Casuals

Halloween weekend saw the u13s head off to new opponents Notts Casuals.

Derby were ready to go from the offset and the first try came within three minutes of the open play. Harry Morris performed a fantastic run through the defensive line and planted the ball on the line with perfect precision. This was swiftly followed by a try from George Shaw.

The first quarter closed with a spectacular third try for Derby from Morris once more.

Notts fuelled up over the brief break for rolling subs and scored a speedy try in the first few moments of the second quarter.

Derby rallied back with a great set of phased play and another try was scored, this time by William Brown.
Notts pushed back with fantastic effort and despite some hard tackles along the way, managed another try taking the half-time score to 10-20 to Derby.

After half time break, both sides were fired up again. Despite an earlier knock in the game, Pedro Barbosa scored a fifth try for Derby.

Notts fought back valiantly and another try came for them shortly afterwards.

As the game wore on, the play became harder for both sides and tackles continued to come in thick and fast for each team. Derby dominated in the rucks throughout, with Notts also performing well in the scrums. The Derby lads certainly faced some interesting techniques when it came to gaining possession in contested scrums, a first for the team this season.

Not to be put off by this, Derby scored another two tries in quick succession from Leon Colliar and Barbosa.
In the final phase of play, Notts scored their final try of the match, which was countered in the final seconds of the match by Barbosa.

The final score came in at 20-40

Man of the match this week was awarded to Lucas Hicken for his excellent performance in taking on rucks single-handedly on occasion and two great runs that led to tries.

Next week the team face old rivals and friends of the team, Burton ahead of the next instalment of the NLD.