23rd October 1XV Match Report: Kettering 13 – 26 Derby

Derby travelled to Waverley Road, looking to bounce back from consecutive home defeats and continue a 100% away record.

Derby kicked off, playing towards Kettering’s impressive clubhouse.

Derby started well and soon took the led with a Josh Bingham penalty.

Shortly afterwards, penetrating runs from Andy Brown and Lewis Hancock created space for Patrick Burke to score with a spectacular dive under the posts. Josh Bingham converted, to give Derby a 10 point lead.

A Josh Bingham penalty then extended the lead, before Kettering hit back. A fine move saw Kettering create space on the right and full back Joe Daniel touched down.

The half ended with another Josh Bingham penalty, leaving the half time score 16 – 5 to Derby.

Derby started the 2nd half well and some good phases of play saw them camped on the Kettering line. 2 drives were stopped, but when Sam Tebbs picked up he crashed through the cover defence to score a try which Josh Bingham converted.

Kettering needed to hit back and Joe Daniel used the new 50-22 law, kicking the ball from his own half and bouncing it into touch in the Derby 22, to win an attacking line out for Kettering. Derby defended well and mostly kept Kettering at arms’ length.

With the game entering the final 10 minutes, the Kettering pack drove over the Derby line allowing hooker Shane Ling to touch down. An Ollie Furness penalty narrowed the gap to 10 points.

Derby were not to be denied however and a late Josh Bingham penalty sealed the victory.

Just before the final whistle, Sam Pittman was sent to the sinbin and Derby faced a 5 metre Kettering scrum with only 7 forwards. To their enormous credit, not only did they prevent Kettering from scoring, but also turned the ball over.

An impressive win at a venue that has not provided many points over the years !

Finally a confession from your humble scribe. If you are reading this and thinking that you saw a different match, you may well be right. The after match celebration saw your scribe’s coat left in the Kettering clubhouse. In the pocket of the coat were the notes from the game, so the above is entirely from memory. A memory dimmed by port !

Come on Derby !

R. Bambra