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At the end of each season, the AGM for the club is the chance to nominate people for positions on the club’s Management Committee and other volunteer roles. Each of these roles are a vital part of our club’s successful organisation, and without volunteers, we will not be able to do what we do!

As your Club Chairman, I have steered the club through several phases since 2008, and during that period many people have served in positions to assist this progress. Today we have a vibrant, successful and very inclusive club that offers everyone the opportunity to be
part of the club, whether that be playing, coaching, as a team manager or in another capacity for the benefit of all concerned. We offer our facility to many other clubs and associations through the week and weekends too, so we are without a doubt a true “Community” Club.

Would you be interested to get more involved? Do you want to see the future of the club for yourself and perhaps your children and grandchildren continue to grow and remain successful? We are looking for new people to take on roles, and we invite you to come forward
and talk about these, either for yourself or maybe someone you think would be able to help and be interested??


Club Chairman – I have been in this role since 2008, and the role has grown and evolved, but now is the time to start finding my successor. I am ready to help someone and possibly shadow my role to enable a transition over whatever period makes sense.

In all of these roles, please come and talk to me if you would consider getting involved, or can you nominate someone? 07986 251165 [email protected]

Commercial Chair – After two very successful years in this position, Mike Carr is standing down to concentrate his time on other priorities, but we owe a huge vote of thanks to Mike for his efforts in this role. We have an excellent portfolio of contacts and supporters for the club and we need someone to take on this role. This role could actually suit more than one person, to work as part of a small team, if you want to get involved, or you and a colleague or friend fancy this to help grow the club further, please come forward.

Club Treasurer – David Hall has expressed his wish to stand down from the role at the end of this term at the earliest if possible. The role would suit someone with financial experience and might suit someone working part-time. We operate on a commonly used accounting
package and there would be plenty of help for a handover. David would be willing to support the role over the next year with someone taking over the role over a period if that suits the candidate.

Data Officer – This is a key role that for some time has been covered by others operating in different roles. An important role in managing our club data which is primarily held in the Banking, RFU GMS system. Oversight of the data entry, collecting and collating some data, and checking the club is compliant, are the key features of this role.

Club Secretary – Ian Sutheran has held this position for many years now and has said would be happy to stand down if another candidate would like to step in. The secretarial role is straightforward in terms of responsibilities and is the primary point of contact for other
clubs and the constituted bodies.

Job Descriptions are available for all our roles, just ask or visit our site here:

All of the roles above would normally be available for nomination at the AGM, BUT, we invite you to come forward now to have a chat and see what you can do for your club. In all of these roles, there will be lots of help from the current committee members in getting people on board, so don’t feel anyone will be dropped in at the deep end.

Come on, Get Involved!

Thank You
Martyn Murney

Club Chairman

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