22 October Colts Game Report: Derby 14-0 Ashbourne

Derby kicked off at Haslams Lane this Saturday and started well but were soon in trouble with a few handling errors which allowed Ashbourne to push Derby back into their half.

Not long into the match the first scrum was called and Derby showed their dominance in a great push. But Derby were once again pushed back into their own half this time just in front of the try line with Derby showing some outstanding defence they managed to push Ashbourne back.

Derby managed to settle down and were starting to gain turnover balls giving them the upper hand and eventually allowed Derby to score their first try with a successful conversion Derby now lead 7-0

The second half Ashbourne came out fighting and pushed Derby once again back into their own half, Derby defended well and managed to make a break for Ashbournes try line scoring Derby’s second try and successful conversion the score was now 14-0 to Derby.

Ashbourne responded strongly but unfortunately, one of the Ashbourne players got a red card for a high tackle, Ashbourne were now down to 14 men but were still showing heart and made for Derby’s try line and nearly scored their first try.

Derby showed strength in their defence and were able to clear their lines once more and with some great passing were able to make a run for Ashbounes’ try line but were unable to place it down and were held up, play continued for a while longer until the final whistle was blown, final score Derby 14, Ashbourne 0