Junior Game Reports: 6th February 2022

U14s – Derby vs Melbourne

Derby faced Melbourne today in very windy conditions. The first half started hard and fast with both teams being aggressive and pushing hard in attack. Neither team could break the deadlock as each period of attack by both teams, a strong defense held up and the game held in the balance. After completing multiple phases with strong support and a team effort Bobby put the first score on the board. With Thomas Bull converting.

The game recommenced and again phase after phase by Melbourne was matched with strong defense by derby. Melbourne finally after a strong phase of retaining possession broke through on the blindside and went over the line. Their kicker converting. After some strong defense Derby managed to gain possession and with strong support in the breakdowns Alistair managed to put the ball down over the line with Thomas bull converting again.

2nd half saw again relentless attack and defense by both teams with some try-saving tackles and determined rucking by both teams kept the game tight. Derby’s forwards put phase after phase then utilizing the width with the backs started to open Melbourne up. After a few darting runs and excellent recycling, the ball was pushed wide with Thomas bull scoring and converting to put the lead to 21-7. Melbourne came back with the game going back and to with great defense and attack by both teams again. Melbourne broke down the wing with a strong run and scored a try, they converted. Melbourne started gaining some momentum and kept the ball on phase after phase. Derby defended hard and kept the relentless Melbourne attack at bay. After soaking up loads of pressure the ball was kicked away, but in the windy conditions, it didn’t travel far. A small knock-on game Melbourne the advantage. As the game was coming to an end Melbourne pressed and after an impressive defense finally broke through and put the ball over once more. The Melbourne kicker stepped up and slotted the ball over with the last kick of the game. Bringing the result to 21-21.

Today showed some quality team rugby by both teams and was a pleasure to watch. Very pleased with Derby how they have implemented a lot of recent training Into the game, keeping their shape throughout the game.

A special mention has to go to Jack Taylor, who had the misfortune of dislocating a finger during the warmup, but with a little bit of work to pop it back in, some well-positioned tape shook off the pain to be there for the team and played on, a brave young man.